We can help you set up and execute an effective content marketing strategy that drives targeted traffic to your website

Content Analysis & Insights

Identifying content trends is important in a blog campaign to shape further content strategy and we provide analysis and insights in the following ways:

  • Evergreen Content Analysis Summary
  • Identifying existing content that can be optimized and promoted further
  • Content Theme Popularity Insights
  • Providing a Target Keyword Set for your blog
  • ROI calculations on specific content campaigns conducted

Technical Blog Platform Optimization

Configuring the technical setup of a blog platform is often paramount to the organic search visibility of your blog posts and how agile your content formats can be. We can assist in doing this by:

  • Providing best practice internal linking methods for your blog posts to other blogs and other important pages on your website
  • Fixing broken internal and external links on your blog
  • Recommending specific plugins that can be used on your blog it is hosted on a WordPress blog content management system
  • Advise how to configure mobile friendly formats such as AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)
  • Ensure URL structures are correctly configured and optimized
  • Ensure your blog posts are optimized for fast page load speeds

Blog Content Strategy

We can help ensure that your content strategy is one of the best in your industry and highly optimized for organic search by:

  • Ensuring all blog posts have fully optimized titles and description in line with the blog target keyword strategy
  • Suggesting how to re-optimize existing blog posts to gain more social media and organic search value from your blog posts
  • Recommending new blog themes that are considered popular industry topics within social media sharing behaviour
  • Recommending different content structures and formats to produce that are most popular in your industry niche

Social Promotion & Outreach Strategy

Promoting content is vital to a successful content and blog strategy, so to ensure you can do this successfully we provide the following consultancy recommendations as part of a blog optimization campaign:

  • Help to identify the key social media influencers in your industry to develop future relationships with
  • Advising how to outreach to bloggers and journalists to promote your content
  • Recommend the best tools and platforms for your industry and target region to help maximise your outreach efforts

Blog Conversion Optimization

As more website now have good blog strategies it’s important for a blog to drive brand engagement and help convert readers into customer. Therefore, we can assist in improving the conversion rate on your blog by using the following:

  • Content heatmap analysis
  • Blog user video analysis
  • Social media button placement recommendations
  • Blog heading and content A/B testing

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