Do you want your new website to use the world’s most agile and popular content management system?

A WordPress based website can enable you to edit your content and designs very quickly without the help of a technical website team.

WordPress is also one of the best solutions to help integrate key digital marketing solutions on your website for SEO, Email Marketing and Conversion Rate Optimisation. Our dedicated web design team can build your website or online store and also provide support with other important elements such as graphic design and web hosting.

Domain and Hosting - Taksu

Domain and hosting setup

We can help you find a domain name that fits your current brand name and set up your site with the best hosting company so it runs smoothly all the time.

WordPress Design - Taksu

WordPress Configuration

We configure and install a WordPress environment according to your specifications and your brand’s needs.

Theme Development - Taksu

WordPress theme development

We carefully select and personalize a WordPress theme for your new site in line with your brand, goals, and audience. From the very basics of the design to the complex back-end setups, we can configure a theme to your exact design requirements.

 If you’ve already installed a WordPress theme, we can also help amend and existing them design on your website.

Plugin Development - Taksu

WordPress plugins setup

With so many WordPress extensions available, it’s easy to end up with unnecessary or conflicting plug-ins on your website. Thanks to our experience, we are able to strategically select and install only the necessary plug-ins so you they run as efficiently as possible.

We will also install plugins that provide further website optimisation related to SEO, CRM and other digital marketing channels you want to focus on in future.

Web Architecture - Taksu

Website architecture design

When creating a new website, having the right URL structure can have a huge impact on your site’s performance. Also, it’s important to ensure all the internal links work well together and keep a certain structure.

Blog Setup - Taksu

Blog setup

If you want to start blogging and post articles regularly, we can design your blog and make it easy for you to publish new content yourself at any time.

Mobile Optimization

Mobile Optimization

Whether you have an old website or are just getting started, we design and optimise your site for mobile and desktop browsers, making your brand accessible to all users. Our tech team will make sure your website runs with a 100% responsive design, optimised for all devices.

User Experience - Taksu

User experience optimization

User experience is one of the most important elements on a website as it is the main factor that influences the conversion rate on your site. We follow best practice user experience techniques to make sure you get the most from each visitor.

WordPress Environment - Taksu

WordPress Environment Maintenance

If you already own a WordPress website but need some help to maintain it, we can take care of it. We can ensure all plugins are updated, the database is working correctly and that the website is looking exactly as it should be.

Multilingual - Taksu

Multilingual Configuration

With a WordPress website environment, we can create multilingual versions of your website to enable you to target multiple countries with multiple languages, enabling your products and services to be visible to a wider audience across the world.

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